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1st Place!
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May your day be "Inexpressibly Glorified"!
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Why is there a big 'Sacred Images' printed across all of the pictures?

The Sacred Images imprint that you see on all of the pictures is simply a watermark. It allows me to post larger pictures for you to see, without having to worry about people using the copyrighted pictures without permission.
Any image purchased from the web site will not include the 'Sacred Images' watermark.


When I go through the check out process I see there is another choice instead of credit cards. What is Paypal?

   Paypal is another way of paying by using your credit card. Your credit card number is never sent to the merchant; only paypal gets the information. It works great and there is no charge to you for their services. You can also send them a check or money order and establish a balance with them that way.

   What's the catch? When people pay a seller, the money sits in a non-interest bearing account until it's withdrawn - they collect that interest. That's where they make their money. You can use this service to pay a business or an individual.

   If you order through paypal, you'll get a receipt from them confirming your payment. At the same time, I will be notified of your payment.

   If you would like to open a PayPal account, you can go to

Why are the prints the same price whether they are matted or not?

Originally only the matted photographs were available for purchase, but some customers expressed interest in having the unmatted prints shipped to them to allow for custom matting. The unmatted prints are processed with the same attention to detail as the matted photographs, are placed in a protective sleeve and are sent in similar shipping containers. Because of this, the cost for an unmatted print is the same as for the matted print.

Once I place an order, how long will it be until I get them?

Most orders ship in 3-5 business days.


Who took all of the pictures on the website?

All of the pictures on the website were taken by Carolyn Staut.

How did you get started?

Photography for me started out as a hobby and became a passion. After several years of sharing only with Family and Friends I listened to their urging and decided to see if there was a larger interest in my photographs. Sacred Images was born!

What kind of equipment do you use?

My current camera is a Canon EOS D-60 Digital Camera, but a lot of the pictures were taken with my previous camera a Canon Elan 7E.

Why did you pick the name Sacred Images?

Responses from people who have viewed these images invariably includes a comment on the sacred or spiritual feelings that the images convey. Photography, to me, has been a spiritual experience. Being in the moment to capture not only an image, but the miracles of creation that we often pass without a glance. Many people have asked, "how did you get this picture?" I tell them it was a gift, a blessing for me to capture on film to share with others. I accept the gifts and share them so that others might stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty of creation be it created by God, or created by man.

About this website:

The creation of Sacred Images has been a labor of love. It has been a family collaboration from the beginning. The web site designer, Marc Staut, is the son of the photographer. Without the love, inspiration,dedication, and creative talents of Marc and BraveNetWorld, this project would still be but a dream. Love has many voices and this is Marc's song for me.